Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Isaiah 9 mo pixs

Isaiah smiling for pix

See my bottom two teeth

Love the lotion moment

Sheepish grin with laughters

Gotta have the book in the tub

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Isaiah at PCMC

Isaiah went to see Pulmonologist at PCMC due of spots on lungs on his xrays. There wasn't any on new xrays and they did some tests on him, he has asthma.
We also had Sweat Chloride test done on him same day as DR made the appt for him.
Isaiah being prepared for his test!

Play time with Mom while waiting for 30 minutes to go back to lab

Loves the toy cell phone

Love his Mom
Precious Moments

He didnt like the shocks

Isaiah's First Easter!


Almost 8 months

Ryan, Kari, Isaiah

Dad and Isaiah with his new stuffed lamb

Isaiah looking at his Easter stuff!

He got all these for Easter

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Can't Believe HE is 7 months !

I just couldnt believe he is now 7 months old. He has grown so much and developed cute personality and he has a real cute voice with laughters!!

He is a joy ! I'm glad he is my grandson!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Update Pixs of Isaiah

Momma and Isaiah

Ryan "Daddy" and Isaiah

Loves play with Mommy's phone

First taste of ice cream from Gramma's bday

Gma's friend Kathy and Isaiah

Friday, December 26, 2008

Isaiah's First Christmas!

Isaiah trying to open his Christmas presents on Christmas morning with Kari, his mommy!

Lyric and Isaiah Updates

Lyric and Isaiah both had their 4 months old check up
Lyric now weights at 12 lbs 15 oz 25 1/2inches
Isaiah now weights at 14 lbs 6.5 oz 24 inches
Both of them are doing well especially Isaiah is catching up to be at the size now
as he was born 3 weeks early

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Im so grateful for these two in my LIFE!

Im juz grateful for having these two in my life as a family. I am grateful for the friends and families we have. I am glad I have good friends and a lovely families. I do wish we all can see each other alot but we dont due of living distances. I really do love all of my nephews and nieces and their children!!! I love my brothers and sisters very much!! I adore and love my parents and Im glad they are my parents!! I love all of my cousins and wished I know whats happening with them. Anyone fill me in???

Have a wonderful safe THANKSGIVING!!!
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Update of Right Hand Surgery

As you can see all the pixs are surgeries I had done I had five stitches. On top second row.. took bone out to put in the first finger as you can see the red markings on wrist area. Top fourth pix you can see how straight Doc made my thumb look. Try see the stitches in top second and fourth pix ; second first and third pixs; third second, third and fourth pixs. I will go see my doctor on Dec 10th to see if I can move my movements. The thumb and first finger I wont be able to bend it but hopefully able to use them from therapy.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gathering at Grandparent's house after blessing

We all got together to eat and mingle with all the families .
It was great having The Arizona Webb's there and we all enjoyed it.
Gwen and Alan missed it but was there for the food.

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Hyrum feeding one of the birds

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Baby Blessing by Anthony

Getting ready for Church
Isaiah loves his mommy!

Anthony and Isaiah
(taken after Isaiah's baby blessing)
(Sorry the sun was in Isaiah's eyes)
Anthony had done real good for Isaiah's baby blessing and he was real nervous. He did great job!!
After Sacrament, we all went to Grandparent's house to eat.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Isaiah First Ride in Ambulance

Sorry no pictures available for this.

Isaiah was having trouble breathing due stuffy nasal. We couldn't see his doctor. We end up going to Emergency Room at Alta View Hosp. He was checked by few doctors and had some work done. Was told he needs to be admitted to PCMC overnight since xrays shows he might have pnemonia. Kari and Isaiah got to ride in the ambulance to PCMC.

Kari and Isaiah was seen by few doctors before I got there after going home to take care of the dogs and get stuff for Kari. We waited a long time for results done at PCMC. The doctor at PCMC said he does not have pnemonia, he's ok just have him suctioned at IMC or come back to PCMC if he needs to have it done again to clear it out. It was bronchiolitis that they discovered from the x-rays.

They suctioned his nasal real good job at PCMC and Isaiah ate and slept much better after this. He was a good boy the whole time at both hospitals.

We were gone most of the day. Glad Isaiah came home with us. He is sleeping at the moment! Hope he gets better soon.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Truman with Grandparents

Grandpa and Grandma Teuscher

Great Grandpa and Great Grandma Webb

Great Grandpa and Great Grandma Teuscher

Isaiah at Truman's Baby Blessing

Isaiah went to Truman's baby blessing and was being held by many people there. Grandma Holly didn't snap all of the people who held him. We all brought food for all of us to eat at Jerry's parents house. It was a nice event on a wet cold day.

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Truman's Baby Blessing Day

Truman was blessed today at their ward. There was no power at their church, Sacrament Meeting was held in the Gym since there are windows. It was a cold windy day, leaves brewing all over the place and clouds laying low around the mountains. After Sacrament, we all went to Jerry's parent's house for gathering of food and get together. It was a great time with everybody there .
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Tag You're It.

Megan was tagged so I copied and paste it.... here goes:

I am....a Grandma at a young age.

I think...I'm going to enjoy my grandson Isaiah.

I lose weight.

I babysit early tomorrow morning two cute kids.

I dogs Fawn and Pei Pei, real good dogs!!

I fear...of nothing since I have the faith in the Lord.

I feel...real good from my hand surgery.

I hear...this doesn't suit me how can I hear since I'm profound DEAF.

I smell... rain in the air outside.

I crave...hardly anything sound appealing.

I cry... when I hear babies being born by someone that I know since I witness child birthing first time.

I closet for clothes I feel like wearing.

I all my nieces and nephews doing and wished they create BLOGSPOT.

I regret...for not keeping in good touch with everyone as I should. IM TRYING!!!

I wish....everyone(Nephews and Nieces) can email me and call me thru video relay to chat with their Aunt Holly.

I care...about how well I'm living the gospel.

I worry...about my nieces in Ohio since I haven't heard from them because I love them very much.

I am not...being nosey into everyone's life; just like to know what's going on.

I remember...when I used to rake the leaves so that I could jump in the piles.

I Jesus Christ.

I Isaiah in my best tone and I can't sing. (GIGGLING!!)

I don't always...get what we need sometimes. I should tho, eh?

I argue...with Kari.

I my blogspot when I can.

I win... rarely I seldom win stuff.

I car keys sometimes. Don't we all have those moments?

I listen...for Isaiah's cries when he wakes up and the dogs barking telling me someone is here.

I don't understand...why I am typing like this, I usually type faster. (LOL)

I clothes and shoes. Anyone willing do that for me since Christmas is coming.
(juz kidding)

I forget...the one or two things Kari asks for when I go to the store.

I am happy...when I am with my family.

I tag: whoever reads this.